Capital Asset Management Ltd | Investment advisory
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Investment advisory

The Investment Advisory Company with the right approach

Capital Asset Management advisory services provide autonomous, customised analysis and recommendations to institutions. Our investment advisory service offers investment advice over securities, asset allocation and portfolio mix. We assist clients to pursue their goals and help them feel more confident about their investment decision while catering for their risk return profile.


We advise clients on holdings that are grounded on in-depth quantitative and quantitative research. Our research is based on the economic outlook and industries/stocks that are likely to deliver good performances as we adopt a top-down approach. We believe in international diversification in the quest to minimise risk while ensuring that returns meet the clients’ objectives.


Our clients’ asset allocation and investment positions are periodically reviewed to determine which asset classes are over or under-weighted compared to the proposed target allocation. Individual positions are evaluated according to the perceived level of market risk and the macroeconomic outlook.


Investor relation is a core of the advisory process as we strive to please our customers not only in terms of performance. We are always open to queries on investment issues, suggestions and changes in client profile.