Capital Asset Management Ltd | Fund Management
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Fund Management

We manage the biggest funds in Mauritius

CAM has a team of professionals dedicated to the process of analysis/research and asset selection. Our investment strategies are developed according to the needs of our customer(s).


Once the client requirements and risk tolerance are determined, we engage in careful stock screening and picking based on fundamental and technical analysis to build the portfolio. Our approach is essentially top-down as we believe the macro-economy dictates sectorial and company performance.


CAM has enhanced its involvement in international markets over time as it seeks international diversification. It has wide-range experiences in Indian equities and pertinently participates in other foreign markets via exposures from International Fund Managers. To reap the benefits of diversification, particular attention is paid to correlation and volatility in the process of portfolio construction.


Frequent asset allocation review is a core practice in maintaining pre-set objectives and enhancing fund performance while controlling risk. Positions are closely monitored and reviewed as market conditions or client requirements change. Portfolio stress-testing and scenario analysis as well as worst-case scenarios form an integral part of performance assessment and asset reallocation.


The fund management service also handles the administrative burden associated with day-to-day calculation of Net Asset Value calculation while ensuring compliance. Regular reporting ensures that our clients are informed about their investment positions and performance.


CAM is open to their stakeholders and ensures transparency. The team is ever-ready to provide additional information on portfolio updates and specific investment issues.